Lenware.com is a project site I made for you to download some applications I have been working on. The first project is a desktop XM Radio Player. See screenshots below. I have also been working on a Pocket PC version, but am not yet ready for release.

You can download and use it for free. At some point I may consider releasing the source code as well as open-source.

A recent change was made in XM Radio Online's authentication protocol. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION TO FIX THE ISSUE.

Download XM Radio Player Here

Bugs, Questions, Comments?
Email me at xmradio@lenware.com  


Screenshot 0 Screenshot 0-1
Logon Window

Screenshot 1 
Main application window - Categories

Screenshot 2
Main application window - All Channels

Screenshot 4
Main application window - Favorites

Screenshot 5
Settings window

Screenshot 6
Quick Minimized Tray Channel Access

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